Swiss CMT AG
composites materials and technologies

Sustainable Reinforcement

our interpretation of lightweight engineering is strongly linked to sustainability, environmentally and worker friendly materials and processes. We have bundled a worldwide network of innovative materials and machine providers and can support our customers from the ignition point of a new product idea to the materialization of a serial part.










we are Lightweight Engineers, grown in the field of reactive thermoplastics and solvent-free thermosets, having a broad knowledge in continuous and semi-continues manufacturing methods. We are passionate in developing environmentally and worker friendly materials and processes

our job usually starts with a product idea and requires:
planning + engineering + material & process selection + prototyping + testing + documentation + support during industrialization + education programs + customer support...

with our distribution agreements we can provide you with "small volume" products directly from OEM's and global acting premium distributors.

e.g. Armacell ArmaPET Shape 3D

e.g. InfraRed Cure of Composites Materials

e.g. Huntsman Araldite®